Sponsorship and Co-Marketing Opportunities

Through the support of our “Great Books, Great Minds” sponsors, we’re not just building a reading community; we're igniting a movement, revolutionizing the way that people connect, converse, and engage, one groundbreaking book at a time.

Your sponsorship consideration comes at a pivotal moment as we are gearing up to launch the "Great Books, Great Voices" podcast in January of 2024. This isn't just any podcast—it's a beacon, a call out to unite authors, readers, and visionary sponsors in a shared passion for extraordinary literature. 

Imagine the thrill as your brand resonates through every episode, reaching a captivated audience, hungry for the next great story.

But the real game-changer here are the exclusive benefits and co-marketing opportunities I’ll be collaborating on with our sponsors. Picture your brand message, seamlessly integrated into each podcast episode……….


……..capturing listeners' attention during pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll segments. Envision the heightened engagement as you interact with our vibrant community, not just as a sponsor, but as a storyteller and influencer.

But this partnership is far more than just a sponsorship. It's a catalyst for mutual growth, a strategic avenue for traffic generation, and a goldmine for new business opportunities. Your brand, featured regularly in our digital publications, will highlight the intersection between books and your business. 

We will also facilitate opportunities to co-create events with literary legends that includes co-branded networking events,  food experiences, and stimulating conversations that directly attract attention to your brand. 

By joining our list of sponsors which includes BedsideReading, Hermitage Books, and WeRide4, and Cereset (Cherry Creek Denver) you’ll be positioned as a cornerstone in this enchanting literary-centric journey. Our trajectory towards 1-million subscribers by 2030 is not just a goal; it's a reality, powered by partnerships and collaborations such as the one we’re establishing. 

I can't wait to see your business shine as a pivotal part of the "Great Books, Great Minds" narrative revolution. Together, we're not just turning pages; we're rewriting the script of literary influence and success.

Let's make this official. Your sponsorship investment of $599.00/yr is the key to unlocking this world of opportunity. Simply follow the link below, scroll down to the "Upgrade to Paid” or “Subscribe” tab towards the bottom, and join us in this unparalleled adventure. 



Eagerly awaiting our collaborative success. You know where to reach me if you have any questions. 



PS: This is more than a brand sponsorship; it’s a leap into the future of books, brains and community. Let’s make history together.