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I would add that grit is something that some have built in which helps transcend events as you navigate through to where you want to get to. Developing grit builds an ability to not let freaks hold you so tightly. Also, intellectual self defence - Chomsky elucidates this better than I can - see through what your being told in the media can do much to calm fear by asking questions of why your being told things and not other things, what agendas are being played out, why? I find rebelling against certain norms that have a psychological grip on us can be liberating. And, take time to feel, listen to your emotions without reacting, what do you really feel? as this allows deeper thought creating a wider awareness of what’s happening; a tonic to banish fears. Great read, thanks for posting. Just found your sub to delve deeper.

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This column is brilliantly written. Conquering one's fear is so important to getting things done in life. Each of us will experience events in our lives where we are afraid. Moving through those events, and then looking back upon them will strengthen our inner selves. Like the saying goes: "That which does not destroy us, makes us stronger". From the list of tenets shared in this column, two items stand out for me: Information and Knowledge and Embrace Flexibility. I am looking forward to reading the book The 50th Law.

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