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The Venom of Politics: Five Antitoxins To Keeping The Peace With Co-Workers, Family, and Friends

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New Book By Award-Winning Author Jeffrey Kass Set For Release On November 3rd

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Wilton Alston On The Art of Reading and Thinking For Oneself

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Great Books, Great Minds Global Bookstore Tour: The Hermitage Bookstore, Denver, Colorado

Davis Knight's Ambitious Quest to “Turn The Page” On Today’s Diabetic Culinary Experience

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Author Vera Valentine’s Wisdom for Toxic Relationships

Feature Interview: Frank James IV, Author of "From Howe Street To Accra"

My Adventure to “The Third Coast” and Chicago's Hyde Park

Servant Leadership In Business: Will Omar Harris’ Relentless Crusade Become The New Normal?

An Author’s Raw Admissions About Relationships, Cheating, and Turning One’s Life Around

My Chicago Bookstore Tour Unmasked:” Visits 3,4, and 5 — It Could Have Been 6 and 7.

My Venture Into The Wisdom of Taoism and Systems

Great Books, Great Minds Bookstore Tour: 2020 By 2030 #2 — The BookBar, Denver Colorado

The Power of Poise, Presence, Influence: Feature Interview With Author Rob Salafia

One Woman’s Crusade To Reshape Today’s Business and Community Investment World

My Rendezvous With “The Art Of The Brick.”

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Beyond Politics: Who Is Kamala Harris? (Spoiler Alert)

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The Reading Odyssey of Kamani Jefferson

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My Life of Intellectual Foreplay: How To Read Into It

I Love Me Some Brotha West

Shamanism and My Journey Into The Dark Wild of Uncertainty

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Nevada’s Roll of the Dice: Author Michael Bowers On What’s Next For The Sagebrush State

Condoleezza Rice’s Remarkable Life In Full Color

Reading Into The Life of Frederick Douglass

Why I'm Reading A “One Word” Book

Reparations, Raw Talk, and Racial Progress

Professor Jeff and His Undying Passion for the History of Slavery, The South, and Race Relations

Bringing An “Ali” Punch To Racial Justice

What Would Ali Do?

Flipping The Page of Racial History

Laser-Focused On Making Money During Uncertain Times.

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