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Frederick Douglass: The Legacy of a Legend

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Shaker Heights and the Quest For Racial Equality

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Why This U.S. State is the Ideal Climatic Ecosystem for Preserving Books.

Are You Comfortable In Connecting With Strangers?

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Limbic Sparks® as a Brand Marketing Ignition Switch

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Women Who Soar Beyond the Corporate Grind

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The Obdurate Reader's Guide to Overcoming One’s Stubborn Nature

From Premises to Pages

Hearing The Way: Ancient Taoist Wisdom in a Modern Voice

The Rigor Mortis of Seriousness

Empires and Illusions

The Remarkable Life of Condoleezza Rice

Digital Detox vs Digital Alignment

Feature Interview With Bradley Schurman, Author of “The Super Age”

Defying Giants: The Unyielding Spirits of Hank Rearden and James Meredith in the Face of Power"

The Bookish Southern Belle with a Penchant for the Eclectic

What is a Progressive?

Star Trek, the Final Frontier, and Losing To Win

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Feature Book Review: “Cold Crematorium: Reporting From The Land Of Auschwitz” by József Debreczeni

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Embracing My Puma Within

Fearless Living as the 50th Law

The Story Behind Seneca Dunmore’s Lifelong Reading Obsession

how to go from “Burned Out To Lit Up”

Great Books, Great Reflections: “Making a Life Pivot When You Don’t Know What’s Next”

Great Books, Great Reflections

One Woman’s Life Changing Encounters With Fashion Leather

Patricia "Trish" Miller: A Journey of Wealth, Wisdom, and Wheels

Riding The Wave of AI….

Soaring High with Fun and Profit

You’ve Got To Lose To Win

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Two Brothers On An Encyclopedic Adventure

A “Roaring Twenties” Perspective On the Power of Consumer Revolution

Is Rachel Maddow’s Book “Prequel” a Silent Warning?

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